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Save energy in your building by using smart machine learning controls, optimization, analytics and reporting in your chiller plant room.

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About PlantPRO

Turn your plantroom into a value generating asset.

In commercial buildings, HVAC is by far the most energy intensive system, accounting for close to half of the total energy consumption. For this reason every efficiency improvement in HVAC performance can significantly reduce the energy profile of the building, turning HVAC optimization into a value generating opportunity.

Typically hidden away in plant rooms, HVAC systems can be complex, challenging and are frequently overlooked. Energy saving opportunities are often missed in this complex technical arena. Created with an in-depth understanding of all thermodynamic variables involved in managing plant room HVAC equipment, PlantPRO enables optimum control of every device and its integration into a single synergistic system.

Key Features

  • Plant Performance Monitoring

  • Plant Measurement and Verification

  • Plant Diagnostics and Reporting

  • Plant Control and Automation

  • Plant Optimization

  • Plant Continuous Commissioning and Tuning

Why PlantPRO?


Chiller Brand and Compressor type agnostic so it works with any manufacturers chiller systems

Real-Time Performance

Provides on-board real time analytics, diagnostics, reporting, measurement and verification to continually readjust the chiller plant for optimal performance


Based on Niagara Framework and is Haystack compatible, integrate with existing building systems using BACnet, Modbus LON or on board IO

Energy Savings

Can provide up to 40% savings on energy consumption by using self-learning and self-adjusting controls and optimisation algorithms based on ASHRAE study
An award-winning plantroom optimization and control software developed by Conserve It.

PlantPRO provides control of the chiller plant system in a way that delivers efficiencies beyond that of the individual components.

PlantPRO uses feedback from its on-board real time analytics, diagnostics, measurement and verification systems to continually readjust the chiller plant for optimal performance. PlantPRO was named Product of the Year at the 2015 AIRAH Awards, and was awarded Energy Savings Solution Product of the Year at the 2017 Control Trends Awards.

PlantPRO is deployed across six continents, 20 countries and 50 cities around the world covering over 2 million square meters of building space.

PlantPRO® is an acronym for Plantroom Performance Reliability and Optimization and is spelt with capital PRO at the end.

Over 200 Plantrooms and 600 Chillers Worldwide














Cooling Towers

10 COP

Plant Efficiency


kWh Savings Annually


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Energy Savings


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