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FSM Energy acts as an extension of your staff and resources to help your organization achieve its goals.

For some clients the primary objective may be operating resilience and redundant power, improved comfort, improved operations, or data gathering; for others, the primary objective may be energy efficiency. Each energy-related need is unique to the organization.

Facility Audits,
Building Engineering,
& Optimization
  • ASHRAE Level I, II, III Audits
  • Facility Condition Assessments
  • FMECA Studies (Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis)
  • Commissioning / Retro-Commissioning / Remote and Continuous Commissioning
  • Building Engineering / Equipment and Controls Optimization
Energy Management,
Fault Detection,
Energy Dashboards
  • Niagara/SkySpark driven Huckleberry fault detection and building management solutions
  • Continuous Commissioning and Remote Operating Center support
  • Behavioral Based Energy Management Dashboards and Solutions
Capital Improvement
& Retrofits (Turnkey)
  • LED Lighting Upgrades
  • Building Automation and Controls Upgrades
  • Efficient HVAC/Chiller Plant Upgrades
  • Building Envelope Upgrades
Performance Reporting (M&V) & Financial Services
  • Energy Performance Reporting (Baselines/Heat Maps/Financial Reporting)
  • Energy Star Benchmarking
  • Financial Analysis / Turnkey Financing / Performance-Based Contracting

A proud, value-added Huckleberry integrator and distributor

Empower your personnel with the automatic fault detection and key performance indicators that are important to your facility and profitability.

We can work with whatever systems and software you prefer; however, if you want an open-source platform that you can have ultimate control over, we can turnkey a Niagara-based BACnet solution to do so. With these industry proven and leading components, including SkySpark analytics and fault detection, we are proud to be a provider of Huckleberry, a Niagara/SkySpark based BMS solution platform and service philosophy.

Client Success

Florida State University

Improved Lighting and Over 50% Energy Savings: Reduced average lighting expense by over 50% through and LED lighting upgrade in the Central Utility Plant.

“FSM Energy Services has a broad range of experience in energy-efficiency. On one project alone, they reduced our lighting costs by over 60%. They are a valuable resource for FSU.”

– FSU Energy Management

Holy Comforter School

In conjunction with the completion of its new STEM facility, FSM Energy Services (aka kW Control) was responsible for designing, installing, and integrating a Real-time energy measurement dashboard.

This technology will provide student awareness and education of energy resources and consumption. One of the fastest growing industries, “energy” awareness will be a key component of STEM and campus wide culture.

Holiday Inn

Estimated 20% Savings In Guest Room Consumption: Reduced HVAC costs through occupancy sensors and automated controls.

Key management at these hotels prioritized the preservation of guest comfort and satisfaction.  A winning solution for cost-savings and comfort was achieved with integrated occupancy controls to eliminate wasted HVAC cost when guests have vacated the room for a minimum period of time.  Real-time monitoring of common area consumption has also enabled hotel staff to realize and control unnecessary waste precisely when it occurs.

Prime Meridian Bank

Over 75% Savings: Reduced average lighting expense by over 75%.

This one was easy. A simple retrofit of current lighting, Prime Meridian was able to save over 75% in utility costs for the retrofitted fixtures. With an annualized return of over 40% over a 15 year period, this simple project provides an unusually sound investment for its shareholders.

St. John’s Housing

Integrated within this Net Zero affordable housing initiative is real-time monitoring from kW Control (FSM Energy Services) of all energy, solar, air quality, weather, temperature, and water consumption.

This dashboard technology for each homeowner’s electronic handheld tablet enables everyone to track and measure the effectiveness of their conservation efforts and energy-efficient investments. Without this feedback, management and assessment is impossible.

State of Florida

Over 50% Savings: Reduced average lighting expense by over 50%.

Our team members are 1 of 5 approved engineering resources selected to facilitate building commissioning and engineering improvements. We are also responsible for supporting multiple energy saving and lighting improvement programs throughout campus…for which savings typically exceed 50%.

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