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Optimizing your Facility's
Performance & Efficiency

Engineering Design, Building Controls, and Energy Services;

FSM, the facility solution you need WHEN you need it.

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About Us

At Facilities Solutions & Management (“FSM”) we simply make your facility and equipment perform better.  We also ensure that your solution is most efficient for your unique operational requirements.  We achieve this through three core services:

  1. Engineering Design (Mechanical, Electric, Plumbing, and Fire)
  2. Building Controls (Open Protocol Design, Installation, Integration, and Maintenance), and
  3. Energy Services (Upgrades that make financial sense, Energy Management, and Commissioning)

Our Services

FSM helps your facility achieve optimal performance and efficiency through three primary services

Engineering Design

“FSM Engineering” has a long and distinguished history of providing sound Mechanical, Electric, and Plumbing design services for a diverse client base (commercial, government, laboratory, healthcare, education, etc.).

Building Controls

“FSM Controls” provides the installation, programming, and maintenance of your building controls and automation.  We specialize in Niagara and SkySpark-based non-proprietary solutions.

Energy Services

“FSM Energy” optimizes the resilience and efficiency of your facility to reduce utility costs by 10-40% while always prioritizing the unique comfort and operational requirements of your facility.  Our team achieves these results by improving existing facility performance and/or through smart capital improvement upgrades (lighting, controls, HVAC, etc.).

What customers say about us

Energy Services: “FSM helped us reduce our utility expenses by over 20% per year; a valuable partner in our operations.”

Doctors’ Memorial Hospital

Energy Services / MEP Design:  “FSM walks-the-talk.  They provide continuing services in MEP design and energy improvement solutions under our Shared-Savings Contract.”

State of Florida – DMS

Controls/Energy Services: “FSM understands the importance of financially sound energy improvements.  They also uniquely empower us with the control of our building management systems.”

Cox Enterprises