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Mechanical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection
engineering design and consulting

FSM Engineering has been providing full service consulting engineering for construction projects since February 2010. Our project experience includes new construction and renovation of a wide range of building types including office, data centers, government, student housing, education, retail, and restaurants.

Stewardship Focused

Our design practice emphasizes stewardship of financial, natural, and energy resources.

With diligent energy modeling and accurate budgeting based on real project experience, FSM Engineering guides projects to meet performance and budgetary goals. Working closely with architects, we provide valuable performance estimation on not only mechanical systems, but also architectural features. This enables us to optimize the entire building to meet energy performance goals.

Client Success


Central Cooling Plant Expansion

This project exemplifies our firms ability to design and compare multiple systems and our willingness to utilize state-of-the ­art technologies to maximize energy efficiency. FSM Engineering provided engineering design of HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical systems for a 45,000 square foot, $2,000,000+ expansion of the Danfoss manufacturing facility in Tallahassee, FL.

FSM Engineering provided the design for new HVAC central cooling plant, incorporating magnetic lev compressor technology, with a modular chiller expandable for future renovations to the main manufacturing area and for the administrative offices. Additional services included modeling multiple iterations of an evaporative cooling plant to optimize the pump and cooling tower selection. The project had energy efficiency goals and budget constraints. Electrical engineering included a new main service, gear, and distribution, as well as energy efficient lighting.

The Edison Restaurant

Cascade Park

This retail/mixed use renovation of a historic downtown Tallahassee building in the Cascades park resulted in an impressive conversions to one of Tallahassee’s premier restaurant venue; exposed ductwork, ornate grilles, and other custom requirements required careful coordinate between our engineering team and the owner to meet functional and form objectives.

Florida DEP

Twin Towers Laboratory Upgrade

This project included Boiler and Air Handling Unit replacements and other necessary upgrades.

FSM Engineering provided Mechanical, plumbing, & electrical engineering associated with the replacement of (2) boilers providing heat to the lab complex. As a price consultant, we providing design services, bidding assistance, and construction administration.

FSM also provided mechanical and electrical engineering for the retrofit upgraded of an existing 55,000-CFM, built-in-place, 100% outside air lab air handling unit. Design included upgrading a single centrifugal fan to a fan array, replacement of chilled water and hot water coils, filters, as well as controls upgrade to integrate the new AHU.

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