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...Our clients' open protocol solution for building management systems and controls architecture.


Building Automation

Offering state of the art open protocol building automation systems designed to meet your building needs.

Lynxspring Partner

Lynxspring is changing the way devices, systems, and people communicate and collaborate across the enterprise and out to the edge. Lynxspring is creating a world that is the Intelligence of Things™.

Lynxspring's technologies simplify the automation and information architecture across the enterprise and the edge, significantly lowering costs and enabling users to go further to manage and operate their facilities and equipment.

Carrier Controls Expert

The Carrier Controls Expert Program certification initiative focused on Carrier controls products. The program is a partnership between Carrier Corporation, Carrier sales offices, and member contractors, and is designed to provide building owners with a complete controls solution — including Carrier controllers, system design services, system installation, maintenance/service, and support.

JENEsys® Building Operating System

Enabling you to go further to manage and operate your facility smarter, safer, securely, more efficiently, and at peak performance levels
Any Device.

Any System.

Any Network.

Any Protocol.


  • Building Automation & Integration
  • Energy Management & Efficiency
  • Cyber Security
Open Control System, Open Protocols and Open Standards for Any Size and Type Building
  • Enables multi-vendor integration and interoperability between devices from different manufacturers and disparate systems
  • Allows building systems, sub-systems, equipment and devices to work together
  • One platform that can be supported by whatever vendor or vendors a building owner, operator or facility manager chooses
  • Choice – eliminates building managers and owners from being held captive to proprietary, closed technologies
  • Flexibility/Options – allows facility managers, operators and owners to purchase different products from different manufacturers and choose the solutions that best fit their specific needs
  • Simplifies facility operations – users can manage all of their diverse systems via a single, easy-to-use, web-based interface
  • Combines the capabilities of network management, protocol conversion, distributed control, and the user interface into a single software solution that can operate on a wide range of hardware platforms from the very small to the very large
  • Protocol neutral-empowers end users to get above the protocol debates and specify systems that meet their business needs with the confidence that it can be done cost-effectively
  • API’s are available to enable independent third parties to develop complementary, enterprise applications that can work effectively with the system
  • Data from the system is easily stored and retrieved from a common database and can be used throughout the system
  • Future Expansion – offers support for a wide range of applications and the scalability to easily add future service and product upgrades
  • Building managers and operators can continue to work with the products and vendors they trust, while gaining all the benefits of an integrated and interoperable system
  • Provides operational efficiencies that reduce business risk
  • Makes it easier to control and manage buildings and realize facility operational efficiencies, ensure occupant comfort and code compliances
  • Reduces system complexity and costs
  • Maximizes lifetime value of building systems and equipment

Mechanical Services

Commercial Services

Expert, Professional, Experienced, and Detail-Oriented. That’s our reputation in the HVAC business. We service virtually all heating, air conditioning and ventilation units. Plus, we offer maintenance programs to keep your system keeping you comfortable all year long. Whether you have a single facility or multiple business locations, we have the HVAC solution just for you. Our team has worked with building management companies, general contractors and commercial accounts to design, install and service commercial projects since 1987 in the Tallahassee area.

Service & Maintenance

Tallahassee Service and Maintenance Air Conditioning & Heating.
See up to 40% reduction of service calls when you have a service agreement with FSM Controls and/or our strategic partner Parker Services.



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